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My First Video Game (and the weather)

Hey guys, welcome back! I’m so excited to return to this blog that I am wanting to write constantly! Anywho, If you are local to the area, you’d know that we had a horrible windstorm late last night, downing tree and killing my internet connection. Luckily my good friend Peter from scrantontree.com came to my rescue, cleared and removed the downed tree in my yard.

Anyway, back to the article. It was my 8th Christmas and I couldn’t have been more excited. I remember removing the wrapping paper and finding a shiny new toy- It was a Nintendo! back then, the games came with the system and I remember vividly getting a combination game of Mario bros and duck hunt, complete with the gun! It was the most fun I’ve ever had, and i remember driving my parents crazy staying up late with NES. I remember having so much “bonding time” with my family over these two games despite it being almost 20 years ago. These games, as it turned out, were timeless. My sister and I would dig out the system every couple of years as teenagers and even to this day in order to play Mario and duckhunt! As the years went by, my library of NES games grew dramatically. Metroid, Kung Fu, Adventure Island.. the list can go on and on. In future blogs I will surely be mentioning my all time favorite games across all systems, so stand by for that!

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Sorry for the delay! Avery here, I am back. I know its been a while but I have been busy with these games for a bit and haven’t been near my computer. Let me just say, I am glad these games are back into my life. I went ahead and fired up my PS2 and currently playingggggggg….


Thats right! Abe’s Oddysee. One of my most favorite games and is a great strategy game. I remember that i DID have a guide that helped me through the game but its been so long that I must have lost it. Anyway. This is a short post. Sorry but I have to get back to Oddworld, I’ll beat this game and start Abe Exodus after!


Sunday is a day of rest (and gaming)

Well hello there!

Its a lazy Sunday and you know what that means! Time to GAME. I finally set up my NES and i am going through the games I’ve wanted to get back to all morning. What is pretty crazy, and I do remember this as a child, is you CANT save anything. If you want to leave the game for a bit, you’ll need to pause and hope for the best. lol. Thats ok though because i have nothing better to do. First on my agenda was Mario Bros. There is something to say about the classic look of the characters and they did a nice job keeping the themes and the characters looking relatively the same throughout the transition of N64, etc. I have always asked my friends, What is mario and luigis last name? its funny because it is sort of a trick question. The name of the game is Mario brothers! so, naturally, it is Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. Crazy right? anyway I am rambling. Back to the game. This was a relatively easy game to get through.. conquering the enemies got harder and harder as I progressed through the game. and finally Bowser was defeated. It only took me through the morning to get there and It was definitely a fun experience. Even in my late 20’s I was reliving my childhood memories all over again and it was just a nice feeling. I have no doubts that I will continue feeling those “old time feelings” as I continue my gaming revelation.

Check out these pics! i found a sweet transition of Mario through the years


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Quick Update!

Hey guys! I am back, But really quick! its a great Saturday here in the east and much to be done! I have recently moved and I am beyond excited that I will be unpacking all my possessions this afternoon. I will for sure be setting up some gaming systems and most likely gaming later if there is time! It is rare that I get a Saturday that is complete free time so I am looking forward to it. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for reading and I will be talking about newer gaming systems in the near future. The house I moved into was basically a foreclosure and a huge mess. Needless to say we spent a great deal of money on dumpsters (thanks dumpsternepa.com for the great package deal) lol. We ended up going through at least 5 dumpsters in the course of just a few months. Seems like it is slowing down, but I’m sure we will be on to more projects soon being as the weather is getting warmer. I have so much in store for this blog! Can’t wait to bust out more games and get back into it.

lets talk more later 🙂


Super Nintendo

Hey guys I’m back for my next post about super nintendo. This entertainment system was short lived by me as I did not spend much time playing. I did have a few games and i can easily say that my favorite game is…


Yes donkey kong country! The playability of this game was great. I enjoyed the themes, villains and various situations that were encountered in this game. The best part of this game was the face that it was JUST hard enough to keep me interested but not too hard (like Metroid, Prior post). I was able to beat the game many times, which felt like an accomplishment at my young age.

Although this was the next gaming system in line, I found myself going over my friends house and playing on his gaming system – SEGA. My friend Joe absolutely loved driving and demolition games – come to think of it, that is probably why hes grown up to be a local tow truck driver in the area- shout out to joe at towingnepa.com! Anyway, my friendship with Joe was mainly due to our shared love for video games as kids. This may sound bad, but while most kids were running around outside and playing sports, we were inside, playing games against each other and trying to get to the next level! To each their own I suppose. It was at Joes house that I found my next gaming console and began collecting SEGA genesis games… (More on that later).

Joe and I are still great friends. Sadly we have not had time to catch up on the old times or sit down and play video games. We are full time adults.. for now (evil laugh). I will eventually give him a call once I bust out the old gaming systems and see if he’d like to come over. Instead of soda, we can have a couple of beers, talk about Sonic the Hedgehog and finally beat Mega man.

Wow. Im a dork. but I don’t care. I love it.

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Dundee Jam is back!

Hey all you gamers! I am pleased to announce that Dundee Jam is back in action- Although with a different flavor. I, myself am a lover of all video games and this blog will play tribute to my favorites across all systems. From Nintendo (NES) to Sega Genesis and playstation, I will cover all aspects of gaming from as I was a child. Hopefully this blog excites you and brings back some great memories of your childhood as well!

I’ve decided that my life has become very stressful in my late 20’s and I needed to find a way to relax. Being so, I’ve decided to create this blog about childhood memories and gaming as a lad. This will give me the balance I am looking for and hopefully you will enjoy reading my stories. Gaming has changed a lot over the years, and as you can see here  dates back to Westinghouse in the 1940’s! Man we have come a long way from picking up the last match stick! I can only wonder what will be next. Virtual reality is now a reality and gaming is more real than ever before. Movies like The Matrix used to play on these fantasy worlds but now, this type of technology is here and continues to get more well defined and better with time. I have no doubt that most of all the futuristic concepts seen in science fiction movies and gaming will eventually be nestled in our reality.

Scary when you think about it. But it is also very cool. In medicine, many products have a feel of “gaming” and there are actually robots that can perform tasks like open heart surgery using a controller much like a joystick from a video game. Sorry for rambling but I find that much of our lives are surrounded by technology that was invented from early video game components. I will leave with a quick youtube video about gaming history. Take a look!


Thats it for now. Lets talk more later 😉